3D-knitted material

Creates a unique distribution of the light.

The lampshade is created via a 3D knitting process directly from yarn to the final product, so no material is wasted.

Sustainable production

The way the lamp is constructed makes it easy to separate and recycle all of its component materials. Flying lamps are also flat-packed in cardboard, making them compact and therefore more sustainable in terms of transport and distribution.

LED light source

The LED light source is built into the top of the lamp so the light is softly diffused through the knitted bottom part of the lamp.


About Made by Hand

Founded in 2014, Made by Hand is a contemporary Danish design brand that celebrates fine craftsmanship and understated luxury with the vision to develop innovative and durable design objects made by local craftspeople.

Made by Hand is guided by the passion for natural materials and permanence, - and offers designs with beautiful details and timeless personality for home interiors, offices and liveable spaces.