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VIPP dream of “a world with fewer but better products” – a philosophical approach that has made VIPP synonymous with precision, quality and refined engineering.

Since 1939, beginning with their iconic bin, every VIPP product is defined by its long-term ability to provide better everyday experiences. From awe-inspiring kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, lighting, accessories, and even architectural shelters, VIPP create exquisite timeless designs that are a joy to use.

Proudly the UK’s exclusive partner, Moleta Munro is delighted to have installed kitchens the full breadth of the country. Visit our showroom to see a VIPP kitchen on display and browse online to discover more of the VIPP Collection.



The Vipp pedal bin has been on somewhat of an adventure since 1939. From Holger Nielsen’s metal factory in the Danish town Randers to the world-famous design stores and museums – today, the Vipp pedal bin is an international design icon.

It began as a love story when Nielsen’s wife, Marie, needed a bin for her hairdressing salon, Nielsen went to his one-man workshop and crafted what today is known as the Vipp pedal bin. The tidy, air-tight invention attracted admiration and Nielsen went on to spend his career selling his design to hospitals, labs, and doctors’ offices.

Today the bin is internationally recognised as a design classic and is part of the architecture and design collection of The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

VIPP Pedal Bin 30L £339  View online



The Vipp salt and pepper mills are tabletop necessities for the kitchen or dining room. The set of mills are constructed with a swivel top and a durable ceramic grinder with a refined grinding sound. The shared base holds a removable inner section. A ceramic grinder encapsulated by solid materials means you have a grinder set for life. Inspired by the signature sound of a Franz Jaeger safe, the Vipp salt and pepper mill comes with a sound experience when grinding the mill.

VIPP Salt & Pepper Set £139  View online



The Vipp desk lamp is a work lamp for the office or the home. It is equipped with an adjustable arm, finger screws, and a solid base for stability. The desk lamp has a perforated shade and matte glass for a pleasant diffusion of light. Taking a stand for products with longevity, Vipp lamps are made to be fitted with a replaceable bulb, such as LED, giving them long-term functionality.

VIPP Desk Lamp £339  View online



The Vipp floor lamp is a reading light for the living room. Equipped with details such as an adjustable arm for focused lighting, the floor reading lamp also features a perforated shade and matte glass for a pleasant diffusion of light.

VIPP Floor Lamp £389  View online



A specially manufactured pump, stainless steel and silicon rubber are the main elements in Vipp’s soap dispenser. The Vipp soap dispenser embodies the same distinctive design and quality as the more than 70-year-old pedal bin. “The relatively large pump head ensures easy one-hand operation just as the pump capacity itself is set to dispense a moderate amount of soap. The product’s weight is at the base and the rubber base is optimised in size for better grip and can be placed on various types of surfaces. In this way, the functions are the starting point for the motifs of the easily recognisable design” – Morten Bo Jensen, senior designer at Vipp.

VIPP Soap Dispenser £99  View online



The Vipp bath modules are beautifully streamlined, wall attached, and are fitted with a durable one-piece tabletop and integrated sink. Designed to be hardwearing and easy to clean, and available with a stunningly engineered Vipp bathroom tap in stainless steel.

VIPP Medium Bathroom £3549  View online



Curvy shapes and a detailed, compact design showcase the visual features of the Vipp Chimney sofa. Inspired by Vipp’s 3rd hotel room, Vipp Chimney House, the compact composition and airy expression of the Vipp Chimney sofa make it ideal for compact living spaces or lounge areas.

VIPP Chimney Sofa 3-Seater £4577 View online



The Vipp 501 Electric Kettle Black – five years in the making this kettle is indeed a finely-tuned tool adding craft-focused cookware to Vipp’s collection of kitchen accessories matching the Vipp kitchen. With its powder-coated black surface and handle, this kettle guarantees a tactile boiling experience. The grooved spout in stainless steel, the organically shaped handle, and soft rubber details are nods to Vipp’s design DNA. The kettle is developed with a double surface providing insulation that makes the surface heat-proof and keeps the water heated for a longer time. The kettle carries a mechanical design expression with only a discreet toggle button and small LED on/off indicator interrupting the smooth, black surface. Its compact form holds 1 litre water capacity and stands on a stainless steel 360° swivel base with non-slip rubber details.

VIPP Kettle £199  View online



A human charging station in the woods, the Vipp Shelter is a peaceful hideaway – a chance to go offline and connect with nature. Every piece of the shelter’s dark-toned interior is carefully selected, with large sliding windows to immerse yourself in the natural surroundings.

Vipp’s legacy in steelwork is embodied in the 55 m2 steel pod, wrapped in the Vipp DNA from head to toe. The shelter is a livable design object dropped down in nature. The Vipp Shelter allows you to check out from everyday life; gaze over a lake, listen to the sounds of the forest and cook to the calming crackling of the fireplace.



The Vipp kitchen is a beautifully minimalist, modular, free-standing kitchen designed to withstand years of daily wear and tear. “To us, a kitchen is a tool and not decoration. Our ambition was to bring functional principles and industrial aesthetics into the private home” – Chief designer Morten Bo Jensen.

Developed in Denmark, to precise design principles, the Vipp kitchen’s modularity is perfectly suited for the home. Standing proud on a raised frame, the units allow light to pass underneath, offering real visual freedom and an enhanced sense of space. Each module can be built with predefined units of your choice, and the install is a one- to three-day process.

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