10 Pendants To Make A Statement


The right pendant lighting can have a dramatic effect on a room. We’ve curated a list of 10 stunning pendant lights that we have available. Scroll to see some of our top choices or click to visit our pendant lighting section


1. Big Bang by Foscarini

The Big Bang is a spectacular, dramatic suspension light, perfect to create an impressive dining room, entrance hall or living area. View online

spokes2. Spokes by Foscarini

Spokes design was inspired by oriental lanterns and uses LED technology to produce a bright downlight, as well as creating a soft ambience and striking diffused pattern on the ceiling. View online

patera3. Patera by Louis Poulsen

Patera emits a soft glow through a variety of structured cells that provide new impressions of the light when viewed from different angles. View online

george-nelson4. George Nelsen Bubble Saucer by Herman Miller

The Bubble Saucer Lamp has a steel-wire and plastic coating construction that disperses a warm diffused light. View online

louis-poulsen5. Artichoke Pendant by Louis Poulsen

Artichoke has 72 precisely positioned leaves which illuminate the fixture, as well as emitting diffused light with a unique pattern. View online

tradition-flower-pot6. Flowerpot VP1 by &Tradition

Flowerpot VP1 copper pendant is a design classic that looks great singularly or in a cluster. View online

ic7. IC S1 by Flos

The IC S1 is part of the IC collection, a series of lights from Flos that explores balance. View online

gubi-multi8. Multi-lite by Gubi

The Multi-lite transforms into multiple combinations where light can be directed upwards, downwards or become an asymmetrical art light. View online

caravaggio9. Caravaggio Pendant Light by LightYears

Caravaggio is a stylish and timeless design that is available in various sizes and finishes, including opal glass. View online

melt-tom-dixon10. Melt Pendant Light by Tom Dixon

Melt is a distorted spherical pendant, half-metallised to create an extraordinary optic effect – translucent when on, and mirror-finish when off. View online


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